to the 3rd International Type Design Contest held by Linotype Library!

This will be the third time that Linotype Library has invited designers to enter the International Digital Type Design Contest. The total prize money to be awarded is DM 40,000 - the highest ever. An independent panel of judges will be responsible for deciding how the prize money is to be awarded. The judges' decision is final. As with earlier contests, the winning work will be published alongside other selected fonts on a CD. The winners and their fonts will be presented at typo[media].

The panel of judges will consist of specialists from the typographical and design worlds.
They include:
1. Andrew Boag
2. Irma Boom
3. Adrian Frutiger
4. Gabriele Günder
5. Bernd Möllenstädt
6. Jean François Porchez
7. Wolfgang Weingart

Read the following pages carefully and take careful note of the rules for participation.
Linotype Library wishes you every success.

Tradition and distribution
What would our world be without type?
Wherever you look - whether in newspapers, magazines or on street hoardings - you will see fonts from the Linotype Library. Type is art and the fonts of Linotype Library have played a major role in shaping typography over the last one hundred years.

Linotype Library is the type library for original fonts.
If your types are published in the Linotype Library, they will stand alongside such famous type designers as: Neville Brody, Matthew Carter, Adrian Frutiger, K.G. Hoefer, H.E. Meier, Max Miedinger, Peter Matthias Noordzij, G. Pott and Hermann Zapf as well as their types:
Arcardia, Industria; Bell Centennial, Bell Gothic, Shelley; Frutiger, Univers; Sho, Omnia; Syntax; Helvetica; PMN Caecilia; Carolina, Arioso; Palatino, Optima.

Linotype Library is the legal successor of type foundries and manufacturers which are rich in tradition: Deberny & Peignot, Haas'sche Schriftgießerei, Gebrüder Klingspor, Linotype Limited, Mergenthaler, Rudhardsche Gießerei, D. Stempel AG, Dr. Rudolf Hell GmbH. Typefaces such as Helvetica, Times, Frutiger, Univers and Palatino have become world-wide standards over the years - an honour which has not been restricted to the printing industry, but also extends to the computer, printer and DTP markets. More than one hundred years' experience in the design and manufacture of types are the customer's guarantee of top quality. New types such as Linotype Centennial, Fairfield, PMN Caecilia, Present, Herculanum and Vectora are increasing in popularity on the market. Types from the Linotype Library are available in various font formats. They are used on different platforms and in different resolutions for laser imagesetters, laser printers, matrix printers, plotters and screen display. You will also find our types in applications where only the best type quality is good enough - for example in television, multimedia, CAD systems and milling or laser cutting equipment. Many businesses use our fonts to support their own product.

Technology and know-how
Linotype Library has the skill and professionalism needed to turn a good type idea into a font which can meet even the highest requirements. The types in the Linotype Library are manufactured using the latest technical expertise and are available in PostScript, TrueType format for Windows/PC and Macintosh. We naturally also produce fonts for all other major formats and computer platforms. Linotype Library itself employs font experts and software programmers who can be called upon to assist in all type-specific questions. Selected fonts are only released for sale following thorough testing by Linotype Library personnel, subsequent corrections where necessary, and final mastering which takes due regard of all modifications required to ensure a perfect result.

  Security for font designers
As a member of the Heidelberg Group, Linotype Library is one of the largest type libraries world-wide with over 4000 fonts. It is our wish to establish a fair partnership with font designers and to provide you with an attractive license agreement where you can participate to the full in your type's success. The wording of the license agreement can be found in the "License" folder on your CD. As a Linotype Library designer, your license royalties will be paid to you twice yearly (unless the amount due to you is less than DM 100).

Linotype Library arranges for all your fonts to be registered and your font names to be trademarked. This can be done on a national, European and/or international basis. The costs of this procedure will be borne by Linotype Library. This procedure is intended to protect the intellectual property of type designers and Linotype Library. Only in this way is it possible to enforce your and our legal rights against pirate copies. It is important to remember that types should best be registered before being published.

We welcome all your type Designs. These will be checked to determine whether they are suitable for inclusion in the Linotype Library.

Sales promotion
Types in the Linotype Library are sold world-wide via Linotype Library, various distributors and the Internet. Our "FontExplorer" CD which contains all the fonts in locked form is being continuously updated. It was produced in a circulation of 500,000 in 1998 and was distributed world-wide. The CD contains the unique Linotype Font Explorer type browser (patent pending), a new and innovative tool for locating and selecting types based on specified criteria. Linotype Library is regularly represented at a whole range of events such as trade fairs and congresses.
Other sales promotion activities include advertisements, mailshots, catalogues and brochures. The second International Digital Type Design Contest of Linotype Library aroused particular interest among the press and trade. The award ceremony for the winners was held at typo[media] 97. Over 600 types were submitted from around the world and demonstrate the tremendous interest shown in the Contest.
typo[media] is an international event organised by Linotype Library.
It provides a forum for interested parties from around the world to discuss aspects relating to typography, design and communication and includes lectures from recognized experts. The winning fonts of the 2nd ITD Contest can be found with the winners of the first Contest on the TakeType 2 CD which appeared in March 1998. You can find these fonts in our catalogue or on the Internet under http://www.linotypelibrary.com

The "Contest" folder on your CD contains the brochures with the results of the first and second Type Design Contests.

Rules of entry

Please download this pdf file. It contains detailed instructions about how to submit your font.


The Contest is open to entrants world-wide. Members of the panel of judges and employees of Linotype Library and their families are excluded.

All entries must be addressed to:
Linotype Library GmbH
Keyword: 3rd ITD Contest
Du-Pont-Str. 1
61352 Bad Homburg


Final date for entries
The final date for entries is 31 October 1999.
The date of the postmark applies.

Test documents

Please download the following pds files:
This document contains a sample type specimen as an example of how your type specimen should look.

This document contains a text file which you can directly edit to create your type specimen.

The test documents and entered codes must be printed out and enclosed for each submitted type. (Laser prints with min. 300 dpi). The test documents can be found on your CD in the ""Test documents" folder.

  Entry form
A completed and signed entry form must be enclosed with every type submitted. For security reasons, this should be enclosed in a sealed envelope, the outside of which bears only the code. Entries which are submitted without the written declaration will be excluded from the Contest. The entry form can be found on the Contest poster and in the "Form" folder on your CD.

Property rights
The submitted types must not already have been licensed to other parties and/or form part of other type libraries.

Type formats:
Only fonts in PostScript Type 1 format or TrueType format for PC/Windows 3.11/95/98 and/or Macintosh may be submitted.
Please submit the type data on diskette (3.5") or CD.

Type categories
Types can be submitted in four different categories. They must be submitted in the layout prescribed for the specific category. More characters can be submitted than the number specified. The precise definition of the layouts can be found in the "Layouts" folder on your CD.

Text Fonts
Types in this category should be submitted in the form of type families. A type family should consist of at least four type weights, e.g. a light and a bold Typeface and the two related italic typefaces. However, it is also possible for the family to consist of four weights in four different degrees of bold. The required layout corresponds to the character set which is usual and standard for PostScript types.

Headline Fonts
These types should be used for headings and posters. They therefore have a smaller layout.

Experimental Fonts
The same applies to these types as for the headline types.
They can however be far freer in design.
Apart from a small, fundamental character assignment (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals and punctuation), the character set and assignment of these types is left open to the designer.

Symbol Fonts
Freely-designed symbols, logos etc. for a freely selected theme. The character set should include 40 to 80 different characters.

Each work must be accompanied by a code. The designer must select a five-digit code which also includes the first two letters of his surname. The box for entering the code can be found at the top of the test documents.

In submitting your work, you express your agreement that your design can be published free of charge in publications and may be displayed at exhibitions.

The packaging containing the submitted entries must bear the full address of the entrant. The persons at Linotype Library who are entrusted with receiving and forwarding entries are obliged not to pass on details of the entrant to the panel of judges. The packaging containing the submitted entries must not exceed the format of 25X35 cm.

  Return of types
The material submitted to Linotype Library for entry in the 3rd ITD Contest will not be returned.

Should you require clarification on any points, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Bernhard Hofmacher
Telephone: +49 6172 484 432
Telex: +49 6172 484 429
E-mail: [email protected]

Rights of use: (see also Entry form)
By entering your types in the 3rd ITD Contest, you express your agreement with the license conditions set out in the license agreement and give Linotype Library the right to market your fonts at the conditions set out in this agreement. If your types are not included in the Linotype Library, all rights will return to you. You can find the license agreement on page 38 of this document and in the "License" folder on your CD.

Important points:

To augment your type layouts, the "Generics" folder contains Fontographer files with various different characters which you can copy into your types. It is important to ensure that characters are not positioned at locations other than those normally used for the characters.
The descriptions of the layouts and the character locations which can be assigned can be found in the "Layout" folder on your 3rd ITD Contest CD-ROM. The layout files must be opened with the demo version of the Macromedia Fontographer. These also allow you to view the generic character sets supplied. You can find the Fontographer demo version in the "FOG41" folder on your 3rd ITD Contest CD-ROM.
Note: Macromedia has supplied us with the demo version of its Fontographer type design and production program. This version is fully operational apart from the "Save" function.

Test documents
You can find the test documents in various file formats in the "Test documents" folder on the 3rd ITD Contest CD-ROM.
Please identify your test documents with two letters of your choice followed by five numerals of your choice and enter these in the boxes provided for this purpose at the top right of the test document. The test documents must not include your name.
Please use the test documents to assess the quality of your types. Fontographer also provides you with a number of test documents which you can select from. Please also pay attention to the sidebearing of your types.

Entry declaration
The entry declaration can be found in the "Form" folder on your 3rd ITD Contest CD-ROM or on the back of the 3rd ITD Contest poster.

All further information you require to take part in the Contest can be found on the 3rd ITD Contest CD-ROM. If you require any further information on the Contest or are interested in information on Linotype fonts, please do not hesitate to contact us. Linotype Library wishes you every success.